About Artistic Web Works

Judy Zoelzer Levine, owner of Artistic Web Works, has over thirty years experience with computers starting with merchandise control systems in retail department stores.  She further expanded her capabilities by developing a control system for a local retail group with nine locations in three states.  For more than ten years she also was involve with all their computer accounting systems. 

Another passion of Ms. Levine is quilting.  She is an award winning fiber artist She has been using computers to help in designing quilts for more than twenty years.  She has been the past president of the Wisconsin Quilt History Project were she coordinated the computerization of the data compiled over the past years for research purposes.

These two interests made it a natural for her to begin designing websites for the internet and beginning her successful Artistic Web Works in 1997. 

We know that the internet is already big business but with the advent of smartphones and tablets, a strong web presence is imperitive!

The biggest challenge of the internet is not technical ability of the computer geek but for the ability to see this as a sales tool.  Judy’s retail background makes her uniquely qualified to help businesses set and achieve marketing goals via the internet.